Digital Marketing Consulting


(Prajna – “greater understanding”)

I’m Jason Raskie.

…and I love what I do. And real-time-strategy gaming and music creation also fall into the construct.

I grew up in a mid-west setting with blue-collar parents raising me. My dad was a journeyman electrician and my mom was an executive secretary to the president of a local real estate company. Growing up, my dad advised me to be my own boss.

But it took a few years to learn what that entailed. Lots of bumps in the road. Lots of amazing journeys. And the final straw to turn that advice into a reality.

My vision was to tell a story and capture it on film. But as time moved forward, I realized without proper connections or laser-targeted marketing, I was swimming upstream. While learning to become my own boss, my vocation consisted of working as a script reader, casting television shows, and overseeing a staff of 40 that produced live, internet television. Through it all, they were all great experiences.

But I remembered that I was working “for the man” and he got to call all the shots. And then I realized that no matter how amazing the content was that I produced, none of that mattered if I didn’t get it in front of people who would consume it. I realized that video on the internet was at the tipping point and I needed to jump on it ASAP.

It was time to commit. The concept ‘Level Zen’ refers to my Buddhist approach to “a way of life” which includes all aspects of work and play: earning trust and developing long-term relationships while on the continued path to attaining balance in life.

Now the journey began with social media and video. But I soon realized that this was the game-changer: Being able to connect on a personal level. That’s the same for you and your customers. You can connect with them on a personal level. And that’s what I started to do for my clients: I helped them connect to their audience by producing video content for their business or coaching them on how it should be done. I helped them distribute that content to an audience that would consume it all-the-while it maintained balance with their branding and messaging.

And I’m sticking with it because now I’m my own boss. I’m helping others provide value to their audiences by creating and distributing video content because it’s vital to business. But it shouldn’t be annoying and stressful. I’ll help you remain the expert in your field while you focus on your core strengths. You want results, not stress, from content creation and distribution. Let me help you achieve harmony with that process.

Thank you for visiting. And remember, my business is to help you do what you do best while growing your business with less stress. As the motto states: “When work and play are in balance, you know you’re at Level Zen.”.

Level Zen Values

Work smart. Play hard. But you have to throw it all away for love and family.
Check your ego at the door. No drama.
Seize the day!
Strip it all down. Bear your soul.
Be balanced and rational.
But mostly: tell YOUR story (with video).